M(S)DGs and Fragility: WTF?

I get lost when I hear about fragile states and how the WB claims to have had an impact in these. From their point of view, WBG and ADB + others of their ilk might be reluctant to admit the delusions of MDGs and/or SDGs, or whatever else, the real millennium bugs, the way they turn their reluctance to acceptance of how their interventions have had an indelible mark is worth going over with shovels of cynicism and criticism. But, that is not all, since their sweet side is yet to come forth, and this is achieved by calling their efforts as not complacency inducing. Wow, could anyone beat them in their game? We do better analysis of data, since that is what our achievement is over the years, but what really is challenging is lack of adequate data. More appropriately, we call this rounding off in mathematics, manipulation in other sciences. This is where implicating these mega institutions become a tad easier, since these could be the chinks in the armour. The WBG attributes accelerated development as one of the instrumental reasons for this change for the “good”, whereas it conveniently ignores the decelerating rates of adhering to the safeguard policies and measures ideally suitable for such claims under the umbrella term of exhibiting caution, which they call complacency. Convenience is the jargon taken recourse to as always and especially when a situation of relapse is in the offing, the fragility of their claims are themselves prone to surfacing. Why not have installations of legal, and paralegal frameworks within a country using conjunctions of best fits for the country? Why not implement trans-continental lessons in provisions of security? Why not use UN-conjured adhesives to stitch humanitarian divides? And, why not use internal appraisal to keep track of achievements and trail of ruinations to make this a text book format for replication elsewhere? Are these questions bitter to read, then so they be. Since, a firm belief in the right approach is always taken as a causeway, where lamentations are people’s rights, those very people who would not understand what democracy is all about, but are still democratic, since they are branded as such, rising from the vestiges of conflicts and becoming foundation stones to be laid by the wayside. I write this to fluctuate between alternatives, since a movement like this is what is designed for me, where illusions are sold at the en-(counter), where goals are scored offensively against a non-existing and vanishing defense, and where the truth of all there is to know is adulterated through tertiary sources wrapped up in linguistic veils too tempting to resist purchasing. My sympathies for all those who fight M(S)DGs’ statuses as out of sync with reality out there. A white paper!!!! is our need of the hour, lest whatever conflict zones are treading towards M(S)DGs’ realization should not relapse into fragility beyond repair.

Now, the real part is why was this penned? Well, the same logic of irrationality (LOGIC OF WHAT???, I just said?) behind M(S)DGs is applicable in penning? By the way, what are those countries where such claims are made? To name a few, Cote-d’Ivoire, Nepal, and Myanmar….


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