Dromos, Pathologies & Accelerationism 1.0

This is more of identity with difference!!!
The ominosity of global food (production + consumption) as a result of food scarcity as seen through the socio-economic and political spectrum results in an irreversibility of a merger of technology and capitalism. With the use of bioengineered seeds, the crisis might be mitigated, but this very use could inadvertently plant anomalies within the genetic lineage of  life on Earth. But, the corporates view such anomalies as signatures to their upholding the ‘right’ to property as ‘patented’, which gets produced and reproduced as synthetic life forms through bioengineering. This is platitudinous, no doubt.
Unlock the gates of hell, and welcome to the corporatized city-states, where functions and forms dictate what kinds of traits are to be looked at while hiring workers, who are clones of the already tested for efficiency. Well, this is dystopic, or is it utopian? The former is what comes immediately to mind, whereas the latter is what comes after drudging the mental and eventually discovering that from the ethico-conflictual point of view, what is dystopian at first looks utopian later on.
No jumping to conclusions here, for I am not shielded yet!!! 
Converting the inorganic into organic life forms is what corporations deem to follow, and in the process garner legitimacy for their ownership of property. All of it is still logically flawless. Efficiency mixed with rationality as delivered from labs would reach an epitome of perfection. This perfection would ultimately give rise to a notion of ‘perfect’ society/conclave, which upon its realization would make the ground for the corporations more fertile for experimentation. This experimentation would be ruled by pride for power and profit knowing nothing about constraints whatsoever. From within the apparatuses of corporate laboratories will rise a new creed of Prometheus, with power totaling more than all combined hitherto vying for the remnants of resources that humankind thought was its. The futuristic screen starts getting gloomy, and without interval would roll out credits of an expendable humanity.  This is sheer extrapolation of pathologies in the world to come. Are we prepared for this invasion? And how do we think we can counter this corporate juggernaut accelerating at us? How can we vaccinate against the ubiquity of these pathogens? Either by expecting the vector of this acceleration to miss us completely and changing its course, or by anticipating that our imagination fails us in our present discourse. Or, the third way is to accumulate (or let accumulate) the pathogenic genes within us and forfeit the “anti-…. ” sentiments and race at speeds with intensity unbounded and crash out systemically. If democracy cannot inhabit, then perhaps dromocracy can.
Jumping to conclusions here, for the shield is porous and the best pessimistic thought can buy. 

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