Heidegger, Sankara & Cosmic Capitalism…a para


How and what is nothingness for Heidegger? Firstly, it is essentially un-grounding human existence. Secondly, it still is human-privileging. Why the second, when the first seems to rule out the second totally. This is where existentialism comes in: One dictum says that there are degrees of freedom associated with nothingness. So, in a state of un-groundedness, there are grounds of freedom that beckon humans still ruling the roost. So, nothingness dissolves into the nothing here, as far as I am concerned. Now, Sankara’s Brahman is nothing like the “it”. Why? “It” is not absolute to begin with. It swells, it contracts. It moves, it carves. It designates, it denominates, and it dominates. Domineering is the steering angle of “it”. It is the reason why I call it the “cosmic capitalism”. It is the all-pervasiveness of capitalism that is brutal to the point of driving humans to existential depravity. So, it is potent, it is flowing in the vastness of galactic spaces (remember Bataille’s “solar anus”), in the voids one cannot sense, but nevertheless ethereal.


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