Rupture…Another Drunken Risibility


How is rupture important to any discourse? Is it the waning of a line of discourse in that the impulsive impact is debilitating over temporality and even spatially or is it a sudden change of the direction altogether hitherto unknown or never before comprehended, a kind of digital break, a sudden change of phase or a sudden phase transition. The latter are called by me ‘ruptures’. But, why do I call it only debilitating to begin with, it could very well be the accelerated impact that could be thought out. a complete dislocation from one discourse to another, bridged by only a kind of conscious memory of the shift. the important factor to be taken into consideration is the determination of the ‘threshold’, where the rupture occurs. This could be cataclysmic as in the case of the extinction of dinosaurs. What is cataclysmic is the eventality of this threshold, a cross over of which is the rupture that is being thought about.


These deliberations are indeed painful. When I was caught up in a paradox in logic (Goodman’s paradox), I could comprehend only to land up in this soup, the thoughts collapse into thinking as if there is a flattening out of the hierarchy between the thought and thinking. Elevation is possible when there is a pre-ordained depression.

For me, suddenly, philosophically, rupture has gained prominence. I am very convinced, if it could be achieved, majority of the philosophical systems in vogue would just annihilate themselves.

I was wondering about the assistance that could come from the field of chaos theory. but then I dismissed it as soon as it had sprung. Chaos Theory is so damn dependent of the sensitivity to initial conditions that it becomes well nigh possible to simulate the results: it becomes deterministic, predictable and thereby, a continuity in what would come about in the future if there is at all a rupture in the sense I mentioned about. This dismisses the notion of a hitherto unthought of break with the past and the present. Knowing the infinitely unknown future based on the finitely known past!!!

Another thing that I thought about was the idea of Clinamen by Lucretius. if I am in a position to link up his idea with the Deleuzean one of the former’s notion of a slight movement in the angle of declination with the latter’s initiation of ‘turbulence’ in the laminar flow, I somehow see this as converging towards the Chaos (read Chaos Theory). This ‘Turbulence’ is still accounted for in that it is still deterministic and predictable. Therefore, a dismissal of Lucretius’ position is validated.


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