Cyclonopedia, Note Quote

From Cyclonopedia, Reza says on page 53, which leaves one pondering over either the ontologically reductionist continuity, or a gnomic sense of bewilderment in whatever I ever got to learn about quantum mechanics.
He says, “For every inconsistency on the surface, there is a subterranean consistency.”
Maybe, the context is yet to become too clearer for me, but reading this in assemblages would obviously not be sufficient, since any sort of apposite vision would become possible only with the perforative consistency within the inconsistency of this thought!!!!!  For every inconsistency or anomaly visible on the ground, there is a buried schizoid consistency; to reach the schizoid consistency, a paranoid consistency, or plane of paranoia must first be traversed. As of now the emboldened words pierce through like an insight…..


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