Sadie Plant: Note Quote

Truly a provocation:
Sadie Plant from “Coming Across the Future
“Humanity tends towards the organized body, the body with organ, the male member. the modern human is dressed in blue, as far from the red-blooded feminine as it is possible to be, gendered and sexed in a world still solidified in the mold of brotherhood and patrilineal inheritance. the female body is already diseased, on the way to the limits of life, while the phallus functions as the badge of membership, or belonging – to one’s self, society, species.”
Such a thesis no doubt leaves out any sort of dismemberment, and harks back to the patrilineality, even if for Deleuze and Guattari, this phallic power is nothing more than an imaginary point, forceful enough to take under its dictates the constitution of arborescence.

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