Embedding Complexity within Accelerationism: drunken risibility

I am yet to use Deleuzean ideas in activism, but I do use him in building up discursive notes that find difficulty in manifesting and/or realizing within the vocabulary of/on field of activism. That is the reason for my ‘yet to use’ his ideas. There is no doubting the alignment to be effected between theory and practice, but working towards such coming together is what my intention has always been. To be honest, I have always had this difficulty of retaining the alignment, since practice takes precedence sublating theory in the process. Deleuzean ontology is emancipatory for thought from commonsense thinking, but the loss is incurred many a times when practice is seemingly cohesive with commonsense thinking. This aporia should be the launch pad for the project , for the intention is to smash whatever traces of postmodern thinking/thought are still tangible, and replace them with the trajectory of being within ‘capitalism’ as a structure continuously in flux. The complexity is therefore heightened when one stops to take a synchronic snapshot only to find oneself totally overwhelmed by the diachronicity in which embeddedness takes place. And here, if one makes the ontological situatedness of being coplanar with ‘capitalism’, a take on accelerationism should have critical/constructive applications in ‘nouveau’ capitalism. Enough drinking for now!!!



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