Teleology versus Purpose. Drunken Risibility.

Does the universe has any purpose whatsoever? Scientific and materialist ontologies have always prided themselves (in the modern sense of time) on the efficiency of causation rather than on the finality of causation. As was written many many posts ago, the quantum entanglement is smart enough to dupe us into accepting quasi-causation, or from the future, it is possible to determine the past, or more strictly, future determines the past. These physical determinations are always being apprehended under the garb of speculations, and if wants to get even with efficient and final causation, the very jargon teleology needs to be crafted accordingly. One way is to distinguish between the teleology and purpose with some conscious goal in mind. other is to look seriously at Peircean semiotic realism, where both efficient and final causation are within the legal ambit of being accepted.
… the non-recognition of final causation … has been and still is productive of more philosophical error and nonsense than any or every other source of error or nonsense . If there is any goddess of nonsense , this must be her haunt. — CSP

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