….ad infinitum trajectory…..


The rationale  behind the 10-odd sentences was to delve into “Realism”, and economize philosophy from the clutches of “Idealism”. The complex weaving of phrases denoted chaosmos of thought structures that have become too very fluid, and tendentially getting attracted towards a basin, where, rest assured, the dynamics of such structures do not turn themselves in on statics, but are further disturbed, and then follow through to an ad infinitum trajectory. Meaning becomes a mean concept, and is always betrayed by an ally, it thought of as such. Mind you, this ain’t just about philosophy, but even the rubric of economizing does not escape the fate. I could generically cover the whole of disciplinary sets under a sheet, with the caveat that such coverings would not help my, or anybody else’s forays into such studies cut the mustard by any chance.

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