Negarestani’s Sublunary Terrestrial Slum. Note Quote.

Nick Land once said, “To gaze upon the sun directly, without the intervention of screens, reflections or metaphors – ‘to look upon the sun itself and see its true nature, not by reflections in water, or phantasms of it in an alien setting, but in and by itself in its own place’ has been the European aspiration most relentlessly harmonized with the valorization of truth.” According to Reza Negarestani, “The marriage between the sublunary terrestrial slum and the sun has become a strictly monogamous model that regulates not only ethics, politics and art, but also the entire history of thought an organic activities. It is time to return to the promiscuity of the earth as a dense constellation of interstellar rubbish with dead stars.”


The simplest image of organic life united with rotation is the tide. From the movement of the sea, uniform coitus of the earth with the moon, comes the polymorphous and organic coitus of the earth with the sun. But the first form of solar love is a cloud raised up over the liquid element. The erotic cloud sometimes becomes a storm and falls back to earth in the form of rain, while lightning staves in the layers of the atmosphere. The rain is soon raised up again in the form of an immobile plant. Animal life comes entirely from the movement of the seas and, inside bodies, life continues to come from salt water. The sea, then, has played the role of the female organ that liquefies under the excitation of the penis. The sea continuously jerks off. Bataille nails it perfecto.