Drift City #Accelerate. Note Quote.


What begins as Utopia likely fades into Dystopia in time. Constant Nieuwenhuys, the Dutch sculptor and artist is better known for his “New Babylon”, a drift city in the post-capitalist world. This city would be suspended in the air, covering the entire globe, a shell around industrial units driven by cybernetics and automation in order to finally liberate humanity from the horrors of labour. He called the inhabitants homo ludens, freed from labour. In short, his Utopia consisted in an environment created by the activity of life, rather than the other way round. The drift city would be an endless array of mutable N/Ws, with being tied down to the factory or bureaucracy, with ample opportunities for individuals to wander or drift through the gigantic architectural spaces. With the being tied down, there would ensue liberation from any attachments, the social or the familial in tracking this endless voyage of nomadism, eventually reaching a point of locking/unlocking memory to correspondingly effectuate a sense of self. Undoubtedly, an anticipation of schizoanalysis.


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