BRICS Bank, New Development Bank: Peoples’ Perspectives. One-Day convention on 30th March, 2017 at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.

NDB Poster

The Peoples’ Forum on BRICS is conducting a one-day convention on New development Bank, Peoples’ Perspectives to look at the various trends in Development Finance, mechanism to monitor trade and finance in BRICS and various stakes involved with the emergence of New Development Bank. The conference occurred a day before the official 2nd Annual NDB Meeting to be held at New Delhi from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April. The underlying philosophy of the official meeting is ‘Building a Sustainable Future’, where the role of the governments in development finance, and in particular sustainable infrastructure, some of the challenges to banking sector in some of NDB’s member countries as they face challenges to finance sustainable infrastructure, and creativity and innovation that could be brought by the banks to the table would be the focal point. Moreover, under the thematic of ‘Urban Planning and Sustainable Infrastructure Development’, an intense look into how urban development could improve the lives of the people , taking into account an ever-growing influence of long-term urban planning and investment in sustainable infrastructure in mega-cities of BRICS countries would be an allied material point of deliberations. 

The Peoples’ Forum on BRICS outrightly rejects these themes based on certain considerations and positions itself in looking at the NDB in an alliance complicity with other multi-lateral banks that have hitherto been more anti-people in practice than they would otherwise claim. I am chairing a session. 

NDB Flyer-Final


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