Micropolitics, an Aesthetic. Thought of the Day 28.0


The Situationists, mutating from their Futurist, Surrealist and Dadaist predecessors, were pivotal in introducing a variegated political aesthetic that traversed polemics and play: taking the détournement to the streets.

Emerging and fading in the Outside ‘of uncertain doubles and partial deaths’ is a micropolitics, the molecular shapings of perceptions, attitudes, representational systems, etc.; transgressive lines of resistance (Foucault), lines of flight (Deleuze), ‘desiring-productions’ that interface a creative in-between of extreme macropolitical forces such as fascism and capitalism. Micropolitics produces an ethical aesthetic of the affective kind. It resonates with artistic practice in addressing Foucault’s insight that ‘resistance comes first’. Micropolitics is a multiplicity, disavowing identifiable unities. Both micropolitics and microperceptions actualize from the immanent cause of the unformed-unthought, from lines of resistance, to perceive, think, act and distribute processually. Points of deterriorialization are cutting edges, the avant-garde as it were, of the  distinguishing and convolving of matter and function. As the abstract machine becomes formalized through its conjunctive lines of resistance/flight and cutting edges, it effects a biopolitical aesthetic.


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