Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Libertarianism and the “Alt-Right” (PFS 2017)

A new victimology has been proclaimed and promoted. Women — and in particular single mothers — blacks, browns, Latinos, homosexuals, lesbians, bi, and transsexuals have been awarded victim status, and accorded legal privileges through nondiscrimination or affirmative action decrees as well. Most recently such privileges have been expanded also to foreign national immigrants, whether legal or illegal, insofar as they fall into one of the just mentioned categories, or are members of non-Christian religions such as Islam for instance.

Hoppe does not identify as alt-right, but runs in the same circles as prominent white nationalists. His popularity among fringe anarcho-capitalists – or ancaps – has resulted in a plethora of memes, sometimes depicting Hoppe as Pepe the Frog, and often bearing the slogan “Hippity Hoppity, Get Off My Property.” One of Hoppe’s proposals – that truly libertarian societies be able to “physically remove” Communists and other undesirables from their ranks – has become a meme on the far-right thanks to the “Crying Nazi” himself, Christopher Cantwell. His online store stocks “I ♥ Physical Removal” stickers, along with a “Right-Wing Death Squad” hat, and Radical Agenda shirts depicting a person being thrown from a helicopter – in honor of Augusto Pinochet….

Hoppe told his audience that “many of the leading lights associated with the alt-right have appeared here at our meetings in the course of the years,” including Paul Gottfried, Peter Brimelow, Richard Lynn, Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, Steve Sailer, and Richard Spencer. And he boasted that these associations have “earned” him “several honorable mentions” by the SPLC, which he called “America’s most famous smear and defamation league.”

According to Hoppe, “many libertarians” are “plain ignorant of human psychology and sociology” and “devoid of any common sense.” He said this explains their tendency to “blindly accept, against all empirical evidence, an egalitarian, blank slate view of human nature that all people and all societies and all cultures are essentially equal and interchangeable.”

The alt-right, on the other hand, does not labor under such delusions. He described the alt-right as “united” in its “identification and diagnosis of [the West’s] social pathologies.” The alt-right is “against, and indeed it hates with a passion, the elites in control of the State, the mainstream media, and academia” because they promote “egalitarianism, affirmative action or nondiscrimination laws, multiculturalism, and free mass immigration as a means to bring about this multiculturalism.”


3 thoughts on “Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Libertarianism and the “Alt-Right” (PFS 2017)

  1. Wow. One can almost understand some of the arguments and yet somehow there’s some sort of distortion upon what is really meant by those tenants.

    I tend to associate this kind of cognitive ideological smearing to an ability of consciousness, this is to say that enlightenment type thinking is just one type of thinking and that actually consciousness is more adaptable and more resistant to confinement then we wish to admit, or are capable of even conceptualizing sufficiently in order to overcome this proposed “smear of meaning”.

    I feel like with our new kind of media in the past say 50 years we will begin to discover that human beings really don’t fall into a common conceptual category that we can hold in place.

    So this guy that you’re talking about is kind of ironic because really it’s a smear of what I understand and yet it also admits what I’m saying subsequently that human beings as a category can’t be contained within a singular conceptual paradigm of rationality and reason. Perhaps.

    • For libertarians to develop a clear class consciousness, not in the Marxian sense, but in the sense of recognizing that there exists a clear distinction between taxpayers (the exploited) and tax consumers (the exploiters)., they must believe in the dictum that politicians as agents of the state live parasitically off the labor of taxpayers. Accordingly, instead of admiring them or seeking their association, politicians (and the more so the higher their rank) should be treated with contempt and as the butt of all jokes, as emperors without clothes. The political class and their intellectual bodyguards, teachers and professors, must be delegitimized as self-serving frauds, and democracy in particular must be attacked as an immoral system in which the have-nots vote themselves the property of the haves. Political activities, if they are to take place at all, should be restricted to the local level and be motivated by decentralist or better still secessionist objectives. I guess, this is enough of Hoppe to figure out why is he a force to reckon with.

  2. … we might even begin to understand that what we have wanted to generalize and say colonialism as and oppressive ideological mechanism which causes other groups to have to appropriate the language of the oppressor in order to have any identity whatsoever —. That this idea itself is not actually what’s occurring but actually creates a tension because the “oppressed“ are merely being duplicitous in their ability for being, Similar to what I discussed in my arguments about Anslems proofs for the existence of God : but this is an unstable condition.


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