Solah Rahi Tej Talab, Rewari, Haryana (सोलहराही तेज़ तालाब, रेवाड़ी, हरियाणा)

Located near Sector 1 in Rewari town, and next to Nehru Park is this expansive pond that was constructed by crowd-funding during the Mughal era in the 17th and 18th centuries. Rewari has always been a water-scarce town, and to overcome these hardships, a series of ponds were constructed as part of public works. Moreover, the town’s water supply was salty, and thus for potable water facilities, locals used to rely on wells made around this pond. This pond was built under the aegis of Gangaram Bhagat. The name Solah Rahi actually means, a place where 16 paths meet. The condition of the pond is dire, with embankments in the form of carved walls having collapsed, and encroached by slum dwellings. Also, the walls are being used for drying cow-dung cakes used as fuel. Even the water channels that used to feed the pond once upon a time have been blocked and/or choked. Massive quarrying takes place illegally as well. Within the Nehru Park lying next to the pond stands a majestic temple, squarish in dimensions, and built on a raised plinth. There are three domes that are fluted and have inverted lotuses as finials. The temple has three cusped arch entries on all four sides. Two set of stairs lead to the roof.

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