This is referred to as Unknown for the identity of who lies buried here is not known. Popularly, the Tomb is known as Baradari Tomb, for its 12 entrances.

This is the closest Tomb to the narrow valley in the Aravallis that separates Firozepur Jhirka from Tijara in Rajasthan. It is through this valley that the spring (Jhir) flows, and is responsible for lending the town the name Jhirka which was named Firozepur Jhirka by Chajju Khan, brother of Bahadur Nahar Khan of Kotila. The place was earlier called Jhir. Babar is supposed to have visited these springs as well in his expedition through Mewat. He records in his Baburnama, 

“I mounted and rode out from the camp, for the double purpose of seeing the country, and of conducting Humayun to some distance on his way. That day I went to visit Pirozpur [sic] and its fountain, and took a Maajun. In the valley from which the water of the fountain flows, the Kanir flowers were all in full bloom. It is very beautiful, though it will not support the high praises lavished upon it. Within this valley, where the stream widens, I directed a reservoir to be made of hewn stone 10 feet by 10 feet. We halted that night in the valley, and the next morning rode to visit the tank of Kotila.”

It was near Firozpur Jhirka that the alliance between Sangram Singh and the Khanzada chief Hasan Khan was concluded before marching to oppose emperor Babar at the Battle of Khanwa.  The Baradari Tomb is square-shaped and has four big and eight small entrances. The Tomb is in fine plaster work with floral designs and Arabic inscriptions of Quranic verses. The Tomb is covered with a hemispherical dome on an octagonal base. There are small minarets in all the four corners of the Tomb in various stages of decay. This Tomb is in the possession and maintenance of a Madrassa running in the campus. 


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