Kordela’s Surplus and Ballardian Fiction of the Political Ambiguity Within Accelerationism: Note Quote

Kiorana Kordela in Surplus makes a point that resonates accelerationism, albeit in a narrower sense. She critiques post-modern ‘neo-Spinozism’, notably Negri and Hardt’s Empire for the assumption that replicating and reinforcing the structures of capital, far from supporting it, amounts to accelerating the advent of its end as an exploitative and an oppressive system. This is the Ballardian fictional political ambiguity treading an uneasy line between the critique and an ecstatic celebration of the liberating power of capitalism. In trying to exceed reality along Deleuzean lines of flight, his extra-wordly dematerialization of crime becomes an all-too material replication of the tendencies of capitalism itself. The point is to distinguish the strategy of subtraction from the strategy of transgression, for only then there is a strategy towards accelerationism, a higher-level recuperation at that.


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