The Dark Prose of the Voidic

It is questioning in itself, an inmost, deepest amazement, which often moves towards nothing, and yet quiets the flux of what was just lived: lets one reflect into oneself such that what is most deeply meant for us appears there, regards itself strangely. More deeply, it are the values of amazement that are carried by the state of presentiment, and ultimately reflected: something small, the kernel within so much impressive empty emballage, a messiah who appears not in a flash but in warmth and is nearby, as our guest, the discarded within a metaphysical perspective, the wafting comprehensible/incomprehensible symbolic intentions of the whole. The simplest word is already much too for it, the most sublime word much too little again, and yet what is true of these small, penetrating, and yet, followed through to the end, always the most authentic of all emblems, was true until now only of the greatest things: of the Delphic, of the reverberations of the primordial experiences of great dark poetry. What is felt, meant here is the same every time; our life, our future, the just lived moment and the lighting of the darkness, its all containing latency, in the most immediate amazement of all. Our moral-mystical concern and our self-ascertainment in itself is meant; some surplus based on nothing extrinsic, the surplus of the mutual mystical existence meaning in itself, is proper to every such experience and especially to symbol intentioned profundity. That gives them their immense promiscuity with respect to time, space and the terminus: that marvels through these constructs in a philosophic lyricism of the final border standing above every discipline, spiritually, arch jamming immanence and thus meta-religiously superior, exterior, even to the formations of faith, to the other world. Can we escape this depression of the visualization of the other world; a world object-less, not even ether, but not objection-less. Is there an answer to the nothingness in which all of us are in an awe struck moment if we try comprehending it?


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