The escape velocity of theory competency: of no consequence

this is a bolt of lightening from the darkest abyss of unreclaimed comprehensibility, a nondescript translation of the experiential excess of reading, and the vanity of seemingly gripping binaries and the subsequent refusal to admit to a camp.

all along the trajectory over the last few months, a decidedly harsh allegiance to the dilution of self and/or subject affined me towards the Buddhist creed, which was gaining in exacerbative rigors. this had to be curtailed and the way out was to go back to Kant and Hegel. from the latter, the notion of subject being formed over history, as against the Kantian fashionable timeless entitlement given to spirit as a transcendental pre-given set of cognitive faculties, releases one from the formal take on history and throws one into the speculative core. not only does spirit become a historical auto-production thus delineating the real self from the reflective self through a logically conducted orchestration of thinking through time, but points to the becoming of subject as not merely expressed, but how it gets ‘thought’ through a series of predicates.

this auto-production/differentiation is precisely what Marx contorted (albeit in a materialist sense) to call it the process of alienation, since through these mechanisms in the proper Hegelian world, spirit would gain freedom/autonomy to escape the strictures of phenomenality.

certain consequences are to be drawn here. first and foremost, a blast from the past to the positions of many of the modern day thinkers associated with lending legitimacy to the dissolution of self, which incidentally maps to the Buddhist creed. this blast is nothing more than gaining the momentum of critique as delimitation. secondly, the efficacy of this position depends upon the unintelligibility of Hegel to be converted into an intelligibility, which is the hardest nut to crack in philosophy, if one were to go by popular and ironically strong academic sentiments. third and perhaps the most important one here is to gauge the velocity of escape competency of theory, which when measured would draw us inside to the real possibility of realism, if attainable at all.

just maybe, i am beginning to see through the fog, or this might be a curl back into the Parmenidean thought ‘+’ being.


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