What is Activism? Definition….

What is Activism?

In philosophy, we have a saying that activism is pure and immaculate only when there is unflinching commitment to the cause, whether and how the cause is turning its tide is irrelevant. Now, on the surface, this looks like an impossible ideal, but, on a deeper level, it is accepting the enemy as superior in its strategy and coaxing the activist to become like one. Activism, in short is all about leaving traces, and not always about chasing the wind of state/corporate, or what have you? These traces are spaces of immense hopes, and could also equally be about fears. Chasing, in this sense then is all about chasing away fears with hopes. The battle ground is fertile and should always remain so is activism’s hot bed. It is like what Nehru, I guess, said “Find the means, the ends will follow”. Activism is pure and continuous verb in all its garb.


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